Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 22794—22813

Integrative analysis of transcriptomes highlights potential functions of transfer-RNA-derived small RNAs in experimental intracerebral hemorrhage

Figure 2. tsRNAs were highly enriched in the ICH rat brain. (A) Venn plot to show the identified tsRNA numbers in the brain tissues of sham and ICH. We totally identified 331 tsRNAs (308 in the sham group and 309 in the ICH). (B) Volcano plot of tsRNA comparison between the ICH and sham. The red points denoted five up-regulated tsRNAs and the blue ones denoted seven down-regulated ones (with the standard of fold change >1.5 and P<0.05). Percentage of each tsRNA type in total tsRNAs in the sham (C) and ICH (D) groups. TPM indicates the tag counts per million of total aligned tRNA reads, representing the tsRNA expression levels.