Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 22794—22813

Integrative analysis of transcriptomes highlights potential functions of transfer-RNA-derived small RNAs in experimental intracerebral hemorrhage

Figure 4. Integrative analysis to confirm the targets of 7 ICH-responsive tsRNAs. (A) The nucleotides of tsRNAs in the 5’ end could pair with the nucleotides of mRNAs in the 3’ end, which allow tsRNAs to target the mRNAs. The rno-tRFi-Ser-25a and its target mRNAs were selected to show the pairing method using TargetScan. (B) Venn plot indicating that 2510 target mRNAs of 7 ICH-responsive tsRNAs were predicted by 3 prediction algorithms simultaneously. (C) Volcano plot showing the mRNA profiles of the sham and ICH groups, among which 826 mRNAs were significantly changed (with the standard of fold change >1.5 and P<0.05). (D) The 2510 target mRNAs and 826 significantly changed mRNAs were integrated for integrative analysis, showing that 89 targets were significantly changed after ICH and might exert potential biological functions in ICH. (E) The 89 target mRNAs of 7 ICH-responsive tsRNAs are illustrated by Cytoscape software.