Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23739—23760

Red light exaggerated sepsis-induced learning impairments and anxiety-like behaviors

Figure 9. SDV normalizes dysfunctional behaviors in red light-exposed septic mice. (A) Treatment schedule. Mice underwent a splenectomy 14 days before LPS (20 mg/kg) administration. Thereafter, the mice were exposed to light for seven days. Some of the mice were euthanized and their spleens were collected and weighed on days 3 and 7. Open field and Y maze tests were conducted on day 8, and a NORT was performed on day 11. (B) Mice that underwent SDV displayed no significant differences in spleen weight following LPS treatment and light exposure. They also demonstrated no significant differences in behavioral performance, as evidenced by the results of the Y maze test (C), open field test (D) and NORT (E). Data are shown as the mean ± SEM (n = 6/group). N.S., not significant.