Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 22840—22858

Establishing and validating a pathway prognostic signature in pancreatic cancer based on miRNA and mRNA sets using GSVA

Figure 1. GSVA results based on miRNA sets in PC. Heatmap of normalized pathway enrichment scores calculated by the GSVA method using the TCGA-PAAD miRNA-seq dataset based on 484 miRNA sets in PC patients with distinct clinical characteristics. The GSVA method had an ability to calculate enrichment scores of selected gene sets for each patient. Thus, GSVA results containing a matrix of 176 PC patients × 484 miRNA sets with normalized pathway enrichment scores were finally obtained. Heatmap displayed the GSVA results. Each dot represented normalized enrichment score of specific pathway for each patient. The color change represented the level of pathway enrichment scores of every PC patient for every miRNA set-based pathway: purple represented a low score, and yellow represented a high score. Clinical characteristics of each patient were displayed in the top of heatmap, including vital status, pathologic T, pathologic M, pathologic N, histologic grade and family history of cancer.