Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21687—21705

Dexmedetomidine inhibits inflammatory response and autophagy through the circLrp1b/miR-27a-3p/Dram2 pathway in a rat model of traumatic brain injury

Figure 8. CircLrp1b acts as a sponge for miR-27a-3p, and Dram2 is a direct target of miR-27a-3p. (A) Endogenous circLrp1b expression in brain tissues derived from traumatic brain injury (TBI) rats, validated by northern blot. (B) Quantification of northern blot; ***p < 0.001, compared with random probe. (C) Luciferase reporter assays demonstrating miR-27a-3p as a direct target of circLrp1b. (D) Luciferase reporter assays demonstrating Dram2 as a direct target of miR-27a-3p. (E) RNA-binding protein immunoprecipitation (RIP) assay revealing the interaction of miR-27a-3p and Dram2. Each experiment was repeated 6 times. ***p < 0.001, compared with miR-NC; data are expressed as mean ± standard deviation (SD).