Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 19641—19659

Identification of immune landscape signatures associated with clinical and prognostic features of hepatocellular carcinoma

Figure 1. Characterization of 2 HCC subtypes based on immunogenomic profiling. (A) Heatmap of normalized ssGSEA scores for tumor purity, ESTIMATE score, Immune Score, and Stromal Score. Tumor samples were grouped into 2 immune classes, Immunity_H and Immunity_L, based on 29 immune-associated gene sets. (BD) Violin plot analysis comparing the Immune Score (B), Stromal Score (C) and tumor purity (D) between Immunity_H and Immunity_L (Mann-Whitney U test). (E) Box plot comparison of relative HLA gene expression between HCC subtypes (T-test). (F) Box plots comparing expression levels of various immunologic activity related chemotactic factors between HCC subtypes. (G) Comparison of PD-L1 expression in Immunity_H and Immunity_L (T-test). (H) Comparison of 3-year survival between HCC subtypes in TCGA and GSE14520 datasets (log-rank test).