Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20702—20727

Stress-induced p53 drives BAG5 cochaperone expression to control α-synuclein aggregation in Parkinson's disease

Figure 5. BAG5 is activated upon stresses and colocalized with α-synuclein in the perinuclear compartment. After 24 or 48 h of pretreatment with 10 μM of etoposide or 250 μM of H2O2, treated SH-SY5Y (A, C) or HeLa (B, D) cells were paraformaldehyde-fixed and stained using specific BAG5 (green) and α-synuclein (red) antibodies, and DAPI (blue) was used to stain the nuclear DNA. The images (1,260 x) were acquired using an LSM 510 Meta Confocal Microscope (Zeiss). The scale bar shows 20 μm. The percentage of cells with colocalization was determined by counting yellow blobs of at least 1,000 cells (Student’s t-test; *, p < 0.05, ***, p < 0.001).