Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23808—23821

Effect of Klotho protein during porcine oocyte maturation via Wnt signaling

Figure 1. Validation of the presence of Klotho in porcine ovaries, PFF, and COCs. (A) Results of immunohistochemistry performed on the porcine ovaries. Note the strong positive granulosa cells (g, indicated with arrows) at X100 magnification and (B) X200 magnification. (C) KP expression in porcine oocytes, assessed using immunocytochemistry. KP is expressed significantly more strongly in mature than in immature COCs (P < 0.05). More than 25 COCs from three biological replications were used. (D) Results from ELISA of Porcine follicular fluid (PFF) obtained from 2-5 mm- and 5-8 mm-sized follicles. PFF from 5-8 mm-sized follicles showed a significantly higher KP concentration than did that from 2-5 mm-sized follicles. Bars with letters indicate significant differences (P < 0.05).