Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23808—23821

Effect of Klotho protein during porcine oocyte maturation via Wnt signaling

Figure 3. Co-treatment of KP and LiCl during IVM and their effects on oocyte competence. (A) Expression levels of GDF9 and BMP15 in mature porcine oocytes. More than 20 oocytes from each group were used for the staining. X400 Magnification. (B) Treatment with KP significantly increased the competence of the oocytes, while treatment with LiCl decreased the competence. (C) Co-treatment of KP and LiCl. KP and LiCl had significant inverse effects on the cleavage rate and blastocyst formation rate compared to those observed in the control group, and the KP-treated group had the highest total number of blastocysts among all groups. A total of six replicates were performed. Bars with letters indicate significant differences (P < 0.05).