Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21904—21922

LINC00968 can inhibit the progression of lung adenocarcinoma through the miR-21-5p/SMAD7 signal axis

Figure 6. The expression level and clinical value of miR-21-5p and SMAD7 in LUAD. (A) The miR-21-5p expression was significantly increased in LUAD tissues compared with that of non-tumor tissues from the LUAD chip GSE63805 dataset (A) and XENA database (B). (C) The survival curve analyses indicated that high expression of miR-21-5p was associated with poor clinical outcomes. SMAD7 expression decreased in tumor tissues compared with non-tumor lung tissues from the GSE63459 dataset (D) and XENA database (E). The Kaplan Meier-plotter (F) and XENA (G) database demonstrated that the low SMAD7 expression was associated with significantly poor patient survival. (H) SMAD7 protein expression was downregulated in human LUAD tissue biopsies as evidenced by immunohistochemical staining from the Human Protein Atlas Database.