Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 21971—21991

CircGLCE alleviates intervertebral disc degeneration by regulating apoptosis and matrix degradation through the targeting of miR-587/STAP1

Figure 7. Overexpressed CircGLCE alleviates IDD in vivo. (G) Western blotting (n=3) showed the expression profiles of ECM markers corresponding to induced IDD and CircGLCE treatments. (H) H&E and immunohistochemistry staining of NP tissues. The cells of the NP region in the intervertebral disc were more abundant in the control and IDD+circGLCE groups than they were in the IDD and IDD+circGLCE-mut groups. The expression of MMP13 was higher in the IDD group than it was in the IDD++circGLCE group. (I) Histological examination (n=6, ** P<0.01, and *** P<0.001; unpaired two-tailed Student’s t test). Data are the mean ± SEM.