Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 22019—22045

The nuclear and cytoplasmic roles of miR-320 in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Figure 4. The regulation of miR-320 on lipogenesis was leptin-receptor dependent. (A) Sequence alignment of miR-320 on 3’ UTR of LEPR from mouse and human. (B) Western blot was performed to determine the protein levels of LEP and LEPR in L02 cells treated with miR-320 mimic (n=3, *p<0.05). (C) Effects of miR-320 mimic on protein levels of CD36, FAS and DGAT2 in si-NC and si-LEPR treated L02 cells detected By Western blot (n=3, *p<0.05). (D) Relative mRNA levels and promoter DNA levels of LEPR and CD36 detected by Ago2-RIP and Ago-2 CHIP, respectively (n=3, *p<0.05).