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Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 21 pp 22046—22058

miR-205 inhibits the development of hypertrophic scars by targeting THBS1


Figure 4. miR-205 inhibitor can restore the effect of si-THBS1 overexpression on cells. (A, B) The viability of the indicated cells was detected by MTT assay and colony formation assay. (C, D) The apoptosis of the indicated cells was detected by Hoechst 33258 and Annexin V-PI assay. (E) The indicated cell migration was measured by Transwell assay. (F, G) The expression of the indicated genes was measured by Western blot and real-time PCR, respectively. **P < 0.05, vs. scramble+si-NC. ##P < 0.05, vs. scramble+si-THBS1. ^^P<0.05, vs. miR-205+ si-NC The cells were transfected with scramble plus si-NC, scramble plus si-THBS1, miR-205 inhibitor plus si-NC, and miR-205 inhibitor plus si-THBS1. Results show the mean ± SD of three independent experiments.