Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23917—23930

Molecular subtypes based on DNA promoter methylation predict prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma patients

Figure 1. Criteria for selecting number of categories. (A) Consensus among clusters for each category number k. This graphic shows the cumulative distribution functions (CDF) of the consensus matrix for each k (indicated by colors), estimated by a histogram of 100 bins. This figure allows a user to determine at what number of clusters, k, the CDF each is an approximate maximum, thus consensus and cluster confidence is at a maximum at this k. (B) Delta area curves for consensus clustering indicating the relative change in area under the CDF curve for each category number k compared to k-1. The horizontal axis represents the category number k and the vertical axis represents the relative change in area under CDF curve. This plot allows users to determine the relative increase in consensus and determine k at which there is no appreciable increase.