Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23917—23930

Molecular subtypes based on DNA promoter methylation predict prognosis in lung adenocarcinoma patients

Figure 2. Consensus matrix for DNA methylation classification with the corresponding heat map. (A) Color-coded heatmap corresponding to the consensus matrix for k=7 obtained by applying consensus clustering. Color gradients represent consensus values from 0–1; white corresponds to 0 and dark blue to 1. To aid analysis, the cluster memberships are marked by colored rectangles between the dendrogram and heatmap according to a legend within the graphic. This enables a user to compare a clusters’ member count in the context of their consensus. (B) A heatmap corresponding to the dendrogram in (A) was generated using the heatmap function with DNA methylation classification, TNM stage, clinicopathological stage, age, and gender as the annotations.