Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23960—23973

The long noncoding RNA HCG18 participates in PM2.5-mediated vascular endothelial barrier dysfunction

Figure 1. PM2.5 inhibits the expression of HCG18 in HUVECs. (A) The differentially expressed lncRNAs between PM2.5-treated and untreated HUVECs were detected using lncRNA microarray. (B) Venn diagram shows the overlap between down-regulated lncRNAs in PM2.5-treated HUVECs and predicted lncRNAs binding to miR-21-5p. (C) HCG18 was the most down-regulated lncRNA among the 7 PM2.5-regulated lncRNAs. (D) The difference of HCG18 level between PM2.5-treated and untreated HUVECs was confirmed by qRT-PCR. **, P<0.01.