Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24009—24022

Extracellular vesicle derived miR-544 downregulates expression of tumor suppressor promyelocytic leukemia zinc finger resulting in increased peritoneal metastasis in gastric cancer

Figure 7. miR-544 induces malignant phenotype in HMrSV5 cells via targeting PLZF. (A) Western blotting of PLZF in Len-PLZF-transfected HMrSV5 cells overexpressing PLZF. (n=3, Student’s t-test) (B) Migration and invasion of Len-PLZF-transfected HMrSV5 cells. (C) Western blotting of PLZF in PLZF siRNA-transfected HMrSV5 cells. (n=3, one way ANOVA) (D) Migration and invasion of PLZF siRNA-transfected HMrSV5 cells.