Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 23217—23232

Alteration of tumor-associated macrophage subtypes mediated by KRT6A in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Figure 7. KRT6A may participate in regulating TAMs in PDAC. (A) Venn diagram of common DEGs between PDAC and ANT and between the M0-high group and the M0-low group. (B) Correlation of gene expression between KRT6A and various TAM-related genes in PDAC. (C) Heatmap of TAM-related gene expression patterns of the KRT6A-high group and KRT6A-low group in PDAC. (D) KEGG (left) and GO (right) pathway enrichment analyses of DEGs between the KRT6A-high group and the KRT6A-low group. (E, F) Protein-protein interaction network related to KRT6A using STRING (E) and GeneMANIA (F). (G) Survival analysis of the KRT6A-high group and the KRT6A-low group in TCGA PAAD data (left) and GSE57495 (right).