Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 19954—19978

Identification of potential molecular pathways involved in prostate carcinogenesis in offspring exposed to maternal malnutrition


(A) Heatmap showing the commonly differentially targets from our set of DEP and RNA-seq data from ventral, dorsal, lateral, and anterior prostate lobes in the mice model of PCa (PB-Cre/PtenloxP/loxP). The percentage of commonly deregulated targets increases as the prostatic disorders worsen (PIN to Medium to Advanced PCa). (B) The commonly deregulated targets between our DEP and those extracted from RNA-seq data by GEPIA. The percentage of commonly deregulated targets increases in the prostate of older offspring. (C) Immunostaining of normal and prostate tumor samples for five commonly upregulated targets in our samples and GEPIA database ( using immunohistochemical data available at the Human Protein Atlas database ( PND: Postnatal day; VP: Ventral prostate; LP: Lateral prostate; DP: Dorsal prostate; AP: Anterior prostate PIN: Prostate intraepithelial neoplasia; PCa: Prostate cancer.