Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 23233—23250

NEAT1 regulates microtubule stabilization via FZD3/GSK3β/P-tau pathway in SH-SY5Y cells and APP/PS1 mice

Figure 6. Metformin abandon tau hyper-phosphorylation in hippocampi of younger APPswe/PS1dE9 double transgenic mice. (A) FZD3 mRNA level in the hippocampi of 3.5-month-old AD mice (n=6) and Wild Type (n=7). (B, C) Quantitative PCR analysis of NEAT1 and FZD3 expression in the hippocampi of vehicle (n=6) and metformin (MET) administrated (n=6) AD mice for 6 weeks. (D) Protein levels of P-tau(S396), FZD3 and H3K27Ac were determined by immunoblotting in the hippocampi of vehicle and metformin intragastric administrated AD mice. (EG) The hippocampi of differently administrated AD mice as well as Wild Type were immunohistochemically stained with H3K27Ac, FZD3 and P-tau(S396), Scale bars 50μm. (H) Quantification of the relative area fraction occupied by immunostaining of H3K27Ac, FZD3 and P-tau(S396) in CA1 region of hippocampi were analyzed by Image J. (mean ± s.d, *P < 0.05, Student 2-tailed t test).