Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20862—20879

TREM2 ameliorates neuroinflammatory response and cognitive impairment via PI3K/AKT/FoxO3a signaling pathway in Alzheimer’s disease mice


Figure 4. TREM2 deficiency increases amyloid plaques and decreases p-FoxO3a level in the hippocampus in 5xFAD mice. (A, B) Aβ load in hippocampus (DG) were stained (A) with Thioflavine S (green) and its quantification (B) in all groups (n=4 mice per group, 7 fields/mice (DG)). (C) Brain sections were doubly stained with Iba-1 Ab (green) and p-FoxO3a Ab (red) in the hippocampus. (D) Quantificational analysis of p-FoxO3a level from Fig4 C (N=4 mice per group, 9 fields/mice (DG)). Scale bar=100 μm. ***P<0.001, vs 5xFAD group; ## P<0.01, ### P<0.001, vs 5xFAD-NC group. Results were described as mean ± SEM.