Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24184—24207

Construction of circRNA-based ceRNA network to reveal the role of circRNAs in the progression and prognosis of metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma

Figure 3. Schema graphs of eight circRNAs downloaded from Cancer-Specific CircRNA database (CSCD). (A) hsa_circ_0000512. (B) hsa_circ_0001968. (C) hsa_circ_0002286. (D) hsa_circ_0003596. (E) hsa_circ_0008259. (F) hsa_circ_0035436. (G) hsa_circ_0037866. (H) hsa_circ_0058794. Red spots represent miRNA response elements (MRE), blue spots represent RNA binding protein (RBP), and green curves represent open reading frame (ORF).