Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24228—24241

The value of a metabolic reprogramming-related gene signature for pancreatic adenocarcinoma prognosis prediction

Figure 2. Identification of DEGs in pancreatic cancer between tumor and paracancerous tissues. (A) Volcano plots of DEGs in the 3 indicated datasets. (X-axis: log2(FC); Y-axis: -log10(FDR) for each gene. Genes with FDR <0.01 and FC >1 or <-1 were considered as DEGs in each series. Blue: down-regulated genes; Gray: non-differential genes; Red: up-regulated genes). (B) Upset Venn diagrams of the DEGs identified in 3 GEO datasets. (C) Top 10 enriched KEGG pathways of the DEGs.