Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 301—339

KIAA0101 as a new diagnostic and prognostic marker, and its correlation with gene regulatory networks and immune infiltrates in lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 1. (A) Multigene view of lung adenocarcinoma Heat Maps Comparison of all Genes in the study of Hou lung [50]. The expression of KIAA0101 in lung adenocarcinoma was higher than that in the normal control group. (B) Summary view of KIAA0101. The transcription level of KIAA0101 in different types of cancer. Parameter setting: gene: KIAA0101, threshold (P-value): 0.001, threshold (fold change):2, threshold (gene rank): 10%, data type: DNA and mRNA. Note: The color is standardized by the Z-score to describe the relative value in the row. They cannot be used to compare values between rows. Among them, Red signifies gene overexpression or copy gain in the analyses represented by that cell in the table; blue represents the gene's underexpression or copy loss in those analyses. Datasets comprised samples represented as microarray data measuring either mRNA expression on primary tumors, cell lines, or xenografts. (C) Transcription of KIAA0101 in lung adenocarcinoma (from Oncomine, GEPIA, and Ualcan). mRNA expression levels of KIAA0101 were significantly higher in lung adenocarcinoma than in normal tissue. (C1C6) Shown are the fold change, associated p-values, and overexpression Gene Rank, based on Oncomine 4.5 analysis. Box plot showing KIAA0101 mRNA levels in, respectively, the Hou Lung, Su Lung, Landi Lung, Beer Lung, Selamat Lung and Okayama Lung datasets [50]. (C7) Expression of KIAA0101 in LUAD based on GEPIA analysis; the p-value was 0.0012. (C8) Shows the expression of KIAA0101 in LUAD based on Ualcan analysis; the p-value was 1.62E-12.