Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 23337—23350

Intratumoral levels and prognostic significance of Fusobacterium nucleatum in cervical carcinoma

Figure 4. High intratumoral F. nucleatum burden is associated with cervical cancer cells stemness. Spheres in primary cervical cancer cells sorted for differentiation and intratumoral F. nucleatum levels- Representative Sphere formation capability for cells from patients with well differentiation and low (A) or high (B) amounts of F. nucleatum, or patients with poor differentiation and low (C) or high (D) levels of intra-tumor F. nucleatum. (E) Statistical analyses of Spheres for above patients. Scale bar = 200μm. Data are expressed as mean±SD (bars); Primary cells were obtained from cervical cancer patients and spheres were formed by culturing 3*103 cells in 3 wells. The number of spheres (>75μm) was counted respectively. All experiments were performed in triplicate.