Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 25845—25864

The long noncoding RNA LINC01140/miR-140-5p/FGF9 axis modulates bladder cancer cell aggressiveness and macrophage M2 polarization


Figure 3. Expression of lncRNA LINC01140 in NMIBC and MIBC tissues. (A) The expression of lncRNA LINC01140 in MIBC and NMIBC tissues based on the data from GSE77952. P=0.0295, student’s T test. (B) The overall survival of patients with bladder cancer was analyzed by grouping the samples based on LINC01140 expression using log-rank test. Data are based on TCGA database. (C) The expression of LINC01140 in tissues of 12 cases of MIBC and 12 cases of NMIBC was determined using real-time PCR. P<0.01, paired student’s T test. (D) The correlation between LINC01140 and FGF9 expression in tissue samples was analyzed using Pearson’s correlation analysis. **P<0.01.