Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 23351—23378

Cognitive reserve and network efficiency as compensatory mechanisms of the effect of aging on phonemic fluency

Figure 6. Weighted correlation matrices (See Supplementary Figures 18 for matrices with larger size and labeled regions). (A) Cognitive reserve by age groups: YA+LowCR, younger age group with low CR; OA+LowCR, older age group with low CR; YA+HighCR, younger age group with high CR; OA+HighCR, older age group with high CR. (B) Cognitive reserve by performance groups: LowPF+lowCR, low performance group with low CR; HighPF+lowCR, high performance group with low CR; LowPF+highCR, low performance group with high CR; HighPF+highCR, high performance group with high CR. Rows and columns correspond to the correlations between cognitive measures. The color bar indicates the strength of the Pearson correlation coefficients: colder colors represent weaker correlations, while warmer colors represent stronger correlations.