Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 1 pp 782—793

Nitidine chloride suppresses NEDD4 expression in lung cancer cells


Figure 5. NEDD4 downregulation promotes NC-mediated cell growth suppression and apoptosis. (A) Left panel: NEDD4 expression was tested by immunoblotting in lung cancer cells with different treatments. Right panel: Quantitative data from western blotting. **P<0.01, vs the control; ##p<0.01, vs NC only or NEDD4 siRNA transfection only. CTR: control; NC: Nitidine chloride; siRNA: NEDD4 siRNA; Both: NEDD4 siRNA plus NC. (B) The MTT assay measured the viability of lung cancer cells after the combination treatments. (C) Cell apoptosis in lung cancer cells was examined by flow cytometry after the combination treatments. (D) Apoptosis rates were presented for panel C.