Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23497—23508

Pharmacological blockade of TNFα prevents sarcopenia and prolongs survival in aging mice

Figure 2. TNFα blockade inhibited muscle functional impairment during spontaneous aging and increased lifespan. (A) Mice performance during hanging wire test evaluated at 12 and 26 months of age. Both average times spent on wire between each fall (referred to as latency to fall) and the time required to complete the exercise (referred to as time of exercise stopping) were measured. ***= p<0.001 vs 12 months; n≥9 mice/age (B) Measurements obtained for control (saline) or Etanercept-treated mice evaluated at 26 months of age. *= p<0.05 vs control mice, n≥9 mice/group. (C) Kaplan-Meyer survival curve comparing control and Etanercept-treated mice.