Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23497—23508

Pharmacological blockade of TNFα prevents sarcopenia and prolongs survival in aging mice

Figure 4. TNFα blockade reduced inflammation. (A) Representative images of muscle sections analyzed at 22 or 28 months of age in control (saline) and Etanercept-treated mice. Scale bar=50 μm. Arrows indicate perivascular inflamed areas. (B) Representative images of muscle CD68- and CD3-positive cells (both in red) in control and Etanercept-treated muscle sections at 22 and 28 months of age. Laminin staining (green) identifies fibers while cell nuclei are blue. Scale bar=50 μm (magnification of 16x acquisition). (C) Inflammation score and CD68+ and CD3+ cell number evaluated in 12 months old mice and in control and Etanercept-treated mice at 22 and 28 months of age.