Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24301—24317

Cigarette smoke extract induces airway epithelial cell death via repressing PRMT6/AKT signaling

Figure 1. Cigarette smoke down-regulates PRMT6 in mice lung tissues. (A) Balb/C mice were treated with CSE by intraperitoneal injection for three times in 1 month as described in materials and methods. Lung tissues were stained with H&E, and the emphysematous change of lung tissue was presented in CSE treated group as compared to control mice. (B) Mean linear intercept (MLI) and the destructive index (DI) were measured and plotted to show the histological destruction in lung tissues. (C) Representative staining of PRMT6 in airway epithelia and alveoli with immunohistochemistry (IHC) analysis. (D) Immunoblots of PRMT6 protein in mice lung tissue with GAPDH used as a loading control. Relative protein expression was measured by Image J and shown as mean ± SD. “*” denotes p < .05, based on Student t-test.