Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 22495—22508

Cell differentiation and aging accompanied by depletion of the ACE2 protein

Figure 8. The level of ACE2 is unchanged in the olfactory bulbs of smoking animals. (A) The experiments were performed in the experimental chamber-simulated closed room with regulated ventilation. (B) The level of ACE2 was studied by western blotting in 2- or 4-month-old mice of both genders (smoking and nonsmoking groups). The data from 4-month-old mice were quantified by ImageJ software. The level of ACE2 was studied in explanted olfactory bulbs. (C) The level of ACE2 was analyzed by western blotting in the explanted lungs of mice exposed to cigarette smoke. The nonparametric Mann–Whitney test was used for statistical analysis (* indicates α=0.05).