Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 24 pp 26012—26028

Decreased testosterone secretion index and free testosterone level with multiple symptoms for late-onset hypogonadism identification: a nationwide multicenter study with 5980 aging males in China

Figure 1. Age trend of hormones. Participants of each age was stratified according to the BMI standard for Chinese population: less than 24 kg/m2 (normal), 24 or greater to less than 28 kg/m2 (overweight), and ≥28 kg/m2 (obese). Pearson Correlation Analysis indicated that age was positively correlated with TT (A) (r=0.05, P<0.01), SHBG (D) (r=0.400, P<0.01) and LH (C) (r=0.360, P<0.01), and was negatively correlated with cFT (B) (r=-0.327, P<0.01), FTI (E) (r=-0.421, P<0.01) and TSI (F) (r=-0.295, P<0.01).