Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24345—24356

Implication of integrins α3β1 and α5β1 in invasion and anoikis of SK-Mel-147 human melanoma cells: non-canonical functions of protein kinase Akt

Figure 3. Effect of knock-down of α3β1 or α5β1 on expression of signaling proteins in SK-Mel-147 cells. The cells were transduced with the scrambled shRNA or α3/α5 shRNAs, cell lysate proteins were run on SDS-PAGE and western-blotted as described in Materials and Methods. The blots were probed with 1:1000 dilution of antibodies to the specified proteins. Shown are representative blots. Numbers below the bands indicate the ratio (%) protein level in integrin shRNA transfected cells compared to control shRNA transfected cells normalized against β-actin. Results of three independent experiments are shown (M ± SEM). *ρ < 0.05, **non-significant.