Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24345—24356

Implication of integrins α3β1 and α5β1 in invasion and anoikis of SK-Mel-147 human melanoma cells: non-canonical functions of protein kinase Akt

Figure 5. Effect of Akt isoform inhibitors on anoikis of SK-Mel-147 cells. Cells transduced with control or α3/α5 shRNA were cultured on poly-HEMA as described in Materials and Methods. Prior to applying on poly-HEMA the cells were treated for 24 h at 37° C with 3 μM Akt1-specific inhibitor XXIII or 5 μM Akt2-specific inhibitor XII. Anoikis was determined from percentage of Trypan Blue-stained cells. The results of four independent experiments are shown (M ± SEM).