Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2310—2329

B3GNT3 overexpression promotes tumor progression and inhibits infiltration of CD8+ T cells in pancreatic cancer


Figure 1. Multiple databases demonstrated that B3GNT3 was overexpressed in PC. (AB) B3GNT3 expression in GSE62452 and GSE60979 datasets. (CD) B3GNT3 expression in the Oncomine database. (E) B3GNT3 expression in GEPIA database. (F) B3GNT3 expression in GSE28735 dataset. PC, pancreatic cancer; N: normal; T: tumor; GEPIA: Gene Expression Profiling Interactive Analysis. (*P value < 0.05; **P value < 0.01;***P value < 0.001; ****P value < 0.0001).