Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2310—2329

B3GNT3 overexpression promotes tumor progression and inhibits infiltration of CD8+ T cells in pancreatic cancer


Figure 10. Multi-color immunofluorescence to investigate the relationship between B3GNT3 expression and CD8+ T cells infiltration in PC. (A) High B3GNT3 expression in multi-color immunofluorescence. (B) Low B3GNT3 expression in multi-color immunofluorescence. (C) High B3GNT3 expression group displayed a significant increased CD8+ T cells infiltration compared to low B3GNT3 expression group. (D) Patients with higher B3GNT3 expression had significant shorter OS that those with lower B3GNT3 expression. (E) Patients with higher CD8+ T cells infiltration had superior OS than those with lower CD8+ T cells infiltration.