Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2365—2378

The mutational pattern of homologous recombination-related (HRR) genes in Chinese colon cancer and its relevance to immunotherapy responses


Figure 1. Mutational landscape and genomic patterns of HRR genes in COAD. (A, B) Mutational landscape of HR genes in the Chinese cohort (A) and TCGA cohort (B). The columns and rows represent patients and genes, respectively. The patients are sorted in decreasing order by the number of patients in whom a gene is mutated. The right panel indicates the frequency of gene mutations. Mutation types are indicated by different colors. Gray denotes an absence of mutations. (C, D) Co-occurring and exclusive somatic mutations in the Chinese cohort (C) and TCGA cohort (D). P values were calculated using Fisher’s exact test. All somatic mutated HRR genes were masked as HRR-mut. These figures were generated with the “somaticInteractions” functions in the maftools package.