Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2397—2417

Immune profile of the tumor microenvironment and the identification of a four-gene signature for lung adenocarcinoma


Figure 4. Expression levels of the four genes (CCR2, CCR4, P2RY12, and P2RY13) and their prognostic value in LUAD patients. (A) The expression levels of the four genes in LUAD and normal tissues. (B) The levels of these four genes in paired tumor and adjacent normal tissues. (C) Survival curves of the expression of these four genes in the high-expression (red line) and low-expression (blue line) groups. The expression levels of CCR2 (D), CCR4 (E), P2RY12 (F), and P2RY12 (G) in patients with LUAD of different ages, genders and tumor TNM stages.