Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24101—24116

Predicting the outcome of non-pharmacological treatment for patients with dementia-related mild cognitive impairment

Figure 1. The schematic description of the time course of the present study. The diagram shows the order of the NPT, cognitive assessments, and MEG recording. Cognitive assessments (both MMSE-J and ADAS-J Cog) were conducted twice. The first assessment was performed before the first day of NPT. The NPT period was defined between the first day of NPT and day of the second cognitive assessments. MEG recording was conducted within the NPT period as early as possible. The blue line shows the hypothetical change in cognitive performance. NPT, non-pharmacological treatment; MMSE-J, Japanese version of the Mini-Mental State Examination; ADAS-J Cog, Japanese version of the Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale-Cognitive Subscale; MEG, magnetoencephalography.