Research Paper Advance Articles pp 24371—24393

Mental awareness improved mild cognitive impairment and modulated gut microbiome

Figure 6. Comparison of fecal water cytokines in Normal Aging and MAP groups. Concentration of 11 fecal water cytokines (pg/ml) are described in each box plot comparing Normal Aging and three timepoints of MAP groups. Significant different two-tailed p values of Mann-Whitney U test are presented as **** p < 0.0001, *** p ≥ 0.0001 - < 0.001, ** p ≥ 0.001 - < 0.01, * p ≥ 0.01- < 0.05. In each box plot, median line, + mean, upper and lower quartiles, upper and lower extremes and whiskers are presented. The groups of the subjects represented by three different color-coded symbols with sample size are indicated in parenthesis in the legend. MAP= Mindful awareness program, IL= Interleukin, IL-1β= Interleukin-1 beta, TNFα= Tumor necrosis factor alpha, IFNγ= Interferon gamma, GM-CSG= Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor.