Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2519—2538

Identification of key modules and genes associated with breast cancer prognosis using WGCNA and ceRNA network analysis


Figure 3. Identification and analysis of key module and hub genes. (A) Analysis of module-trait relationships of BRCA based on TCGA data; a. age at initial pathologic diagnosis, b. pathologic_M, c. pathologic_N, d. pathologic_T, e. tumor stage I, f. additional pharmaceutical therapy, g. radiation therapy, h. vital status, i. days to new tumor event after initial treatment, j. days to death. TNM = tumor, node, metastasis (classification). (B) PPI analysis and identification of hub genes involved in the co-expression Brown module using STRING database and MCODE plug-in in Cytoscape. The genes in the red circle are the hub genes. (C) Expression of GRM4 and SSTR2 in BRCA from TCGA database. (D) GO enrichment in the co-expression Brown module. The red gene is the hub gene of PPI. (E) KEGG pathway enrichment in the co-expression Brown module. Red pathways are common with total DEmRNAs.