Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2604—2625

Knockdown of CENPF inhibits the progression of lung adenocarcinoma mediated by ERβ2/5 pathway


Figure 1. WGCNA analysis and determination of the CENPF gene. (A) Dendrogram of differentially expressed genes clustered based on a dissimilarity measure (1-TOM). (B) Heat map distribution histogram of differential genes for modules related to NSCLC staging in GSE19804 (The same results in the GSE30219, GSE32863, GSE63459 databases are shown in Supplementary Figure 1). (C) Analysis of the scale-free fit index for various soft-thresholding power (β) and analysis of the mean connectivity for various soft-thresholding power (GSE19804). (D) There are 14 gene differential expressions in the NSCLC staging modules. (E) There are 13 gene differential expressions in the LUAD staging modules. (F) In the four datasets, there were 5 overlapping genes that were significantly differentially expressed between NSCLC and LUAD. (G) The degree values of the five key genes in different datasets.