Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2604—2625

Knockdown of CENPF inhibits the progression of lung adenocarcinoma mediated by ERβ2/5 pathway


Figure 2. CENPF is upregulated in LUAD and is related with TNM staging and prognosis of LUAD patients. (AF) Oncomine database results show that CENPF expression is significantly up-regulated in LUAD. (The corresponding P value and fold change are given above the picture). (G, H) The Human Protein Atlas database indicates that CENPF is strongly expressed in LUAD. G: LUAD (patient ID.4923, male, 57); H: normal lung tissue (patient ID. 4208, male, 75). (IL) Analyzes the relationship between CENPF and LUAD staging based on four datasets. (M) Verify the correlation between the expression of CENPF and the pathological stage of LUAD (based on TCGA data in GEPIA). N-P: Survival analysis. (N, O) Kaplan Meier curves of OS (overall survival), DFS (Disease-free survival) in a cohort of LUAD stratified by CENPF expression. (P) Survival curves of CENPF gene in LUAD patients based on TCGA database. (Q) RNA sequencing analysis of volcano maps. (R) RNA sequencing results indicate that CENPF is highly expressed in LUAD tissues. Orange represents a high expression of the gene in LUAD, and blue represents a low expression of the gene in LUAD. (S, T) The CENPF gene was analyzed using Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA). The positive expression of the CENPF is related with a low prognosis in LUAD patients.