Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2604—2625

Knockdown of CENPF inhibits the progression of lung adenocarcinoma mediated by ERβ2/5 pathway


Figure 3. Expression of CENPF, ERβ, ERβ2 and ERβ5 are associated with T stage and TNM stage in LUAD patients. (A) Tissue microarray (TMA) was used to analyze the expression of CENPF in benign lung lesions and different TNM staging tissues of LUAD. The magnification of each slice is 40×, 100×, 200× in order. (BD) Analysis of the relationship between the expression of CENPF, ERβ, ERβ1, ERβ2 and ERβ5 and the TNM staging or T stage or N stage of LUAD. The corresponding P value is marked above the picture.