Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2700—2726

Identification of the ceRNA networks in α-MSH-induced melanogenesis of melanocytes


Figure 3. Identification of the quaternary ceRNA network in α-MSH-treated melanocytes. (AM) Cyto Vision 3.7.0 was used to construct the quaternary ceRNA network focused on screened melanogenesis related mRNAs (TYR, CTNNB1, IL6, CALM2, POMC, EDNRB, FZD7, WNT3, GNAO1, MAPK11, RAB38, FZD4, SOX6). Blue square: lncRNAs; Dark green square: circRNAs; Red square: upregulated mRNAs; Green square: downregulated mRNAs; Orange square: miRNAs.