Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2750—2767

ALDH2 protects naturally aged mouse retina via inhibiting oxidative stress-related apoptosis and enhancing unfolded protein response in endoplasmic reticulum


Figure 4. ALDH2 enhanced aged mouse retinal vessel function. (A, B) A typical OPs response image and amplification of the OPs2 response in ALDH2 overexpression mice; (C, D) A typical OPs response image and the amplification of OPs2 response in Alda1-treated mice; (E) The operation procedure pattern diagram for the FFA detection method; (F) The appearance time of fluorescein sodium in the retinal vessel in ALDH2 overexpression mice (G) and Alda1-treated mice. All analyses were performed in duplicate. Values are presented as the mean ± SD, n = 10 mice per group. *P<0.05: aged (WT) group and aged (ALDH2+) group vs young (WT) group or aged (DMSO) group and aged (Alda1) group vs Young group; # P<0.05: aged (ALDH2+) group vs aged (WT) group or aged (Alda1) group vs aged (DMSO) group.