Research Paper Volume 13, Issue 2 pp 2822—2850

Transplanting Rac1-silenced bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells promote neurological function recovery in TBI mice


Figure 6. Identifying changes in gene expression in the shRac1-modified BMMSCs after an OGD treatment. (A) The relative gene expressions in BMMSCs-shLuci+OGD and BMMSCs-shRac1+OGD samples. The ordinate represents genes, and the abscissa indicates samples classification. Red color indicates higher expression, and green color indicates lower expression. (B, C) The top 10 up-regulated and down-regulated genes when comparing BMMSCs-shRac1+OGD with BMMSCs-shLuci+OGD. (D) The expressions of trophic (NGF, VEGFA, EPOR, and FGF-1) were significantly increased but with inflammatory factors (IL-18 and CSF-1) decreasing significantly in BMMSCs-shRac1 cells. (E) Hub gene network. (F, G) The KEGG enrichment pathway analysis of BMMSCs-shLuci+OGD and BMMSCs-shRac1+OGD RNA-Seq data, enrichment scores ranked from the highest to the lowest. Data are presented as mean ± SD.