Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23548—23577

PsychoAge and SubjAge: development of deep markers of psychological and subjective age using artificial intelligence

Figure 4. PsychoAge and SubjAge use the same variables to predict chronological and subjective age, but assign different importance to them. (A) Top-25 important features for estimating chronological age with PsychoAge. Features not present in the SubjAge top-25 list (marked by arrows): “health compared to others your age”, “neuroticism personality trait”, “middle age upper limit (men)”, “control over life in general now for psychological age prediction. (B) Top-25 important features for estimating subjective age with SubjAge. Features not present in the PsychoAge top-25 list (marked by arrows): “rate current work situation”, “extraversion personality trait”, “openness personality trait”, “shortness of breath while walking up a slight hill”, “rate sex life currently”, “positive reappraisal (secondary control)”. Mean importance is the normalized mean of PFI and DFS importance scores.