Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23548—23577

PsychoAge and SubjAge: development of deep markers of psychological and subjective age using artificial intelligence

Figure 5. Mixed-effects linear models were used to observe how changing a variable affects PsychoAge and SubjAge predictions in MIDUS 1. (A) Confusion matrix of MIDUS 1 samples divided based on their PsychoAge and SubjAge predictions (see Supplementary Figure 1 for SubjAge × Real Age and PsychoAge × Real Age confusion matrices). (BD) Heatmaps of mean values for three important features (neuroticism, internal and external locus of health control) in SubjAge × PsychoAge confusion groups. Groups with <25 samples were excluded from the mixed-effects analysis and left blank on the Confusion matrices for all psychosocial variables are listed in Supplementary Figure 2.